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Crazy Time Casino Game Review

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Evolution Gaming is known for its provided attractive games and contest programs on the market and Crazy Time is one of them. Let’s check out the Crazy Time casino game, one of its most popular games that offers hours of fun to players.

Crazy Time at best casinos

Being an Evolution Gaming game, Crazy Time online casino game is available in dozens of online casinos throughout the world, so you will have many options for you to have fun wherever you want.

Sometimes these live casinos offer you very attractive promotions where you can try your luck immediately after signing up. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions!

How to play Crazy Time?

Learning how to play Crazy Time may seem complicated at first, however after you play a couple of games you will see that this is a simple wheel of fortune with some very interesting bonuses.

At the beginning of the game, a small slot spins until it stops on one type of slot and possibly a multiplier. The latter can be between the X2 and the maximum of the X50. There are times when it does not activate!

Afterwards, the presenter spins the wheel of fortune, which randomly stops on one of the boxes. If it stops in one of the lists, then the game is over and those who have bet on it are paid.

Bonus rounds of Crazy Time

However, the real thrill of Crazy Time is that there are four bonus rounds available, each with a mini game that you can take part in. These can be combined with one of the random multipliers!

Let’s look at the four rounds:

  • Heads or Tails: A multiplier is awarded to both sides of the coin at random. It’s thrown and the player receives the amount wagered by the multiplier. Prizes are guaranteed!
  • Cash Hunt: You go to a screen with 108 symbols that hide different multipliers. All you have to do is choose one of them to see what prize you will receive.
  • Pachinko: The common rules of the Pachinko game are followed, that is, a ball is thrown on top of the machine and it bounces until it lands in one of the 16 zones at the bottom. In case it lands on the double box, then the multipliers are doubled and it is rerolled. This can happen multiple times.
  • Crazy Time: You move on to another wheel of fortune that has double or triple multipliers and segments. At the beginning of the round, you must choose one of the three arrows (blue, green or yellow), which will determine your final prize. If the wheel stops at double or triple, the multipliers increase and it is re-spined.

Discover Crazy Time Casino RTP

Crazy Time Casino’s average RTP is around 95.40%, however this changes depending on which area of the wheel you bet on at the start of the round. The fewer boxes there are, the less it will be.

Crazy Time game advantages and disadvantages

Our Crazy Time review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t tell you what the advantages of this game are compared to the rest of the live options you can find in the casino.

The advantages of Crazy Time are:

  • Available at many online casinos
  • Wide range of bets so anyone can try their luck
  • Maximum earnings of up to USD $500,000
  • Up to seven different possibilities to bet
  • It is possible to interact in different ways in the bonus rounds
  • The recording set is one of the most interesting on the market

The disadvantages of Crazy Time are:

  • The game can have quite boring periods where there is not a single bonus round
  • The RTP is quite mediocre compared to other games

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